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With a proven track record of securing prestigious postdoc positions and grants, I bring valuable insights and expertise to guide early career academics through the challenges and opportunities of the postdoc journey. Let me help you navigate the path to academic excellence.

As a quarterfinalist in the world debating championships and former leader of one of Europe's largest debating clubs, I offer specialized coaching to elevate your public speaking skills, master persuasive communication, and excel in debates. Unleash your speaking potential with personalized coaching.

Coaching for Early Career Academics

Empowering early career academics is my mission. Together, we conquer today's academic challenges, crafting a winning strategy for success in a competitive job market. From mastering publications and teaching to securing grants, I will help you to cut through the overwhelm and thrive on your academic journey. Are you ready to elevate your career? Let's make it happen!

Please choose: 

Individual clients are individual persons who would like to book my bespoke 1-on-1 coaching packages. You are an early-career academic seeking to kick-start your academic career successfully. Individual clients may pay with their private or research funds for these packages.

Institutional clients are universities or academies of sciences and their employees. You may be a research administrator working in career services or further education departments and seeking offers for in-campus or online group workshops or coaching.

Individual Clients

You want a job. You need to publish. You have to teach. Let me help you.

I am introducing Emerge, my bespoke 3-package coaching offer for early career academics.


Emerge includes three coaching packages tailored to your most important needs as an early career academic.

Before the interview
Woman Writing
Class in Progress

Hacking the Academic Job Market

Unlock Your Path to Career Success

Are you ready to conquer the academic job market and secure your dream position? With tailored strategies and systematic approaches, this coaching package equips you for success.

What's Covered:

  • Onboarding: Start with a comprehensive CV assessment and a personalized coaching session to understand your career goals and target positions.

  • Workshop Access: Gain immediate access to a one-hour workshop that unveils the realities of the academic job market, covering English, German, and other markets. Prepare with valuable insights and know-how.

  • Tailoring your Documents: Craft a powerful application package with templates customized for your chosen fields and positions. Focus on perfecting your cover letter and CV.

  • Automate and Systemize: Streamline your application process with a tailored system. Benefit from a ready-to-use Trello template for tracking applications, leverage AI and Canva for polished job documents and receive coaching on CV updates.

Included in the Package:

  • Comprehensive CV screening and four personalized coaching sessions. (Value: € 800)

  • Immediate access to a one-hour workshop on academic job market realities. (Value: € 250)

  • Customized templates for cover letters and CVs. (Value: € 100)

  • Developmental edit for one cover letter and CV. (Value: € 350)

  • Trello template for organized application tracking. (Value: € 100)

  • The combined value of this package amounts to € 1600, but I am offering it at the exclusive rate of € 1100.

Your investment: € 1100

Prepare to excel in the academic job market and secure your desired career trajectory. Let's strategize, tailor, and systematize your journey to success.

Before the interview

Become a Publication Powerhouse

Elevate Your Academic Writing Success

Are your writing problems holding you back?  Overcome writer's block and publish effectively with this comprehensive coaching package.

What's Covered:

  • Mindset and First Steps: Address negative writing attitudes and conquer writer's block—tailor strategies to your challenges.

  • Understanding the Publishing Market: A one-hour workshop demystifies the publishing world, guiding your choices for impactful publications. Learn about predatory publishing and successful public outreach strategies.

  • Creating Your Masterplan: Develop a writing project roadmap. Prioritize your projects, learn to create a master plan, and focus on one project at a time.

  • Crafting Your Writing System: Establish a comprehensive writing routine, incorporating sprints and retreats for productivity.

  • Feedback Enhancement: Refine your work with effective feedback. Learn how to access mentors, implement editing techniques, leverage AI tools, and acquire productive input from colleagues, conferences, and workshops.

Included in the Package:

  • Mindset assessment and four tailored coaching sessions on the themes described above. (Value: € 800)

  • Access to "Understanding the Publishing Market" workshop. (Value: € 250)

  • Masterplan creation for prioritizing writing projects incl. templates (Value € 250)

  • Crafting your personalized Writing System. (Value: €200)

  • Strategies for effective feedback and improvement. (Value: € 150)

Total price: € 1650

Your investment: € 1100

Transform your writing journey with a structured plan, an efficient writing system, and strategies to enhance your writing quality. Let's power up your publication success.

Woman Writing

Time Efficient Teaching

Elevate Your Teaching Impact While Maximizing Efficiency

Enhance your teaching impact and effectiveness while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Discover a refined teaching strategy that propels your career success forward.

What's Covered:

  • Initial Assessment and Mindset: Gauge your teaching experience, identify challenges, and address anxieties. Explore strategies to overcome common teaching obstacles and learn when to stop adjunct teaching for long-term career goals.

  • Crafting Winning Syllabi: Create syllabi that showcase your expertise and attract desired teaching jobs. Develop comprehensive syllabi, research colleagues' syllabi, and utilize AI for efficient syllabus design.

  • Time-Efficient Teaching Preparation Workshop: Access a workshop on time-efficient teaching preparation. Learn to limit prep time, manage student interactions, set clear boundaries, and navigate teaching challenges.

  • Workshop Review and Q&A Session: Review the workshop, address questions, and discuss personalized challenges and solutions.

  • Effective Student Feedback Strategies: Discover optimal feedback intervals, tools for efficient feedback, and peer-to-peer feedback implementation.

  • Classroom Management Mastery: Tackle speaking anxiety, engage students, understand their needs, and handle difficult classroom situations.

  • Achieving Outstanding Student Evaluations: Enhance student evaluations by mastering key criteria, including clarity, responsiveness, and approachability. Evaluate and improve your teaching evaluations.

Included in the Package:

  • Initial assessment of teaching experience and mindset. (Value: € 250)

  • Access to the comprehensive syllabus crafting session. (Value: € 250)

  • Time-efficient teaching preparation workshop. (Value: € 250)

  • Personalized Q&A session addressing workshop insights. (Value: € 100)

  • Effective student feedback strategies coaching. (Value: € 300)

  • Classroom management and engagement coaching. (Value: € 300)

  • Strategies for achieving outstanding student evaluations. (Value: € 250)

The combined value of this package amounts to € 1700, but I offer this package at € 1100 only.

Your investment: € 1100

Elevate your teaching effectiveness and impact without sacrificing time. Unlock a streamlined teaching approach that maximizes both your career success and work-life balance.

Class in Progress

None of these packages fit your needs?

You can also book one or several individualized coaching sessions with me directly. Single sessions are dedicated to very specific challenges you face: this might concern managing student emails, how to effectively grade, how to tailor your article to a journal, how to respond to a revise-and-resubmit decision, or other specific topics. My rate for a single hour of coaching (60 min) is € 160. To book, please write a short email by clicking the button below.

Book a free consultation call!

Book a Free 30-Minute Consultation!

Schedule a no-strings-attached call to explain your challenges, understand my coaching approach, and discover the ways I can assist you.


Let's connect and unlock your academic potential.

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Payment Options

Embrace the opportunity to invest in your academic success with high-quality coaching tailored to your needs. What is your career truly worth to you? I provide the expertise you need to navigate this journey with confidence. Choose expertise over uncertainty—your academic career deserves nothing less.


Full payment at once

Clients can choose to pay the coaching rate in full. The rate needs to be paid before we can start the coaching journey. Send me an email or use the form below to get started. You will receive an invoice with payment options. Currently, I accept PayPal and SEPA Banking transfers.


3-Rate System

We can also adjust the payment to rates that fit your individual needs.


Using institutional funding

You want to use institutional funding to pay for the coaching package? No problem. You can pay the rate in advance and I will issue an invoice tailored to your funding requirements.

Institutional Clients

You want your academic staff to succeed, and you know that early-career academics face particular challenges.

I offer four signature full-day workshops for groups on campus.

Starting the Post-Doc Journey

A workshop to give your staff the tools to kick-start their post-doc position.

Getting Ready for the Job Market

Your PhD students just successfully defended. Now they need a job. Let me prepare them for the academic job market.

Become  a Publication Powerhouse

Publishing strategies and know-how for your early career staff

Time Saving Teaching

Your staff has teaching obligations, but they also need to focus on their research. Let me show them strategies for time effective teaching.

Receive my exclusive catalogue for institutional clients

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Previous Experience

Academic Coaching

Excel in Your Academic Journey: From publishing strategies to job applications, I'll provide personalized guidance to propel your academic career forward.

I have extensive experience in coaching early career academics through various stages of their journey: writing a research proposal, acquiring funding, and providing writing advice, teaching, and applying for positions. I have led workshops on these topics at the University of Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Workshops & Seminars taught:

  • Doctoral Proposal Writing & Presentation

  • ÖAW DOC Preparation Programme

  • Doctoral Research Proposal Writing & Presentation

  • Transitioning into a Post-doc

  • Creating a Writing System

  • Co-Writing Series

  • How to plan your semester in uncertain times

  • How to improve your academic English

Research Funding Coaching

Having led the Center for Doctoral Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where I worked in the Research Services team, I offer my expertise on the Austrian and European funding landscape.

I am experienced in:

  • Advising on funding programs tailored to research interests and CV

  • Developmental editing & feedback on research proposals. I have worked on proposals for the following funding programs: ÖAW Doc, ÖAW Post-Doc Track, FWF Stand-alone, FWF Hertha Firnberg (now Esprit), FWF PEEK, and MSCA.*

*ÖAW - Austrian Academy of Sciences, FWF - Austrian Science Fund, MSCA - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Public Speaking & Argumentation

As a quarterfinalist of the World Universities Debating Championship, I offer courses and workshops on political argumentation, debate, and public speaking.

I was interviewed by Kleine Zeitung on the art of debating in difficult times. 

Workshops taught: 

Competitive Debate Training – Beginner, Intermediate, and European & World Championship Debate Training, Austria’s International Debating Society (2014-2017)

Debating workshops for school pupils, jury member of the Austrian School Championship in Debating. 

You need help with public speaking? I'm here for you.

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