Teaching Statement

My approach is an interdisciplinary one and includes history, anthropology, philosophy, art, and the social sciences. I want students to look beyond the narrow confines of their discipline, or area-studies, to understand events on both a global and a local scale. Whatever subject I teach, I motivate students to engage with topics beyond their assigned readings.

My teaching approach is multi-modal, which means my teaching includes art, films, videos, and other materials besides texts, for three reasons. First, whether or not students continue in  academia, it is essential to bring them into direct contact with what scholars write about, rather than remain at the level of their scholarly output alone. This approach includes engaging with actual research themes, topics, and subjects. Second, I aim to create an environment in which access to education is not limited by the privilege of having been schooled to comprehend texts fast and easily. Third, I have found this approach to increase the engagement and interests of students into the subject matter, thereby motivating them to engage with the topic independently as well.

I am experienced in teaching courses entirely online, where I use teaching techniques such as
short video prompts on Youtube, exploring interactive websites, and online group-work.


Teaching Experience

Visual/Aural Knowledge Production, Seminar (Spring 2022, Central European University [CEU] Vienna, Visual Studies Platform)

Social Movements and the Impact of Technologies, Seminar (Spring 2022, Webster Vienna Private University, Center for Liberal Arts)

Introduction to Political Argumentation and Debate, Seminar (Spring 2022, Webster Vienna Private University, International Relations Department)

Doctoral Research Proposal Writing & Presentation, Graduate Center for Social Sciences, Seminar (Spring & Fall 2015-2021, University of Vienna, Faculty of Social Sciences)

Introduction to the Anthropology of Art, Lecture (Spring 2021, University of Vienna, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology)

The politics of cultural productions in the Middle East, Seminar (Spring 2018, University of Vienna, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Culture and Communication, Seminar (Spring 2020, Webster Vienna Private University, Center for Liberal Arts)

Competitive Debate Training – Beginner, Intermediate, and European & World Championship Debate Training, Austria’s International Debating Society (Fall & Spring 2014-2017, University of Economics & Business Administration Vienna)