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EMERGE Co-Writing Community

Join the Waitlist for EMERGE Co-Writing Community! Set up a writing system that allows you to sustainably write and publish in the long term. Say goodbye to writing projects gathering dust and exhausting writing binges. The EMERGE Co-Writing Community is designed just for you. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your writing skills and achieve your goals.

Who we are

EMERGE Co-Writing is tailored specifically for early career academics eager to break free from the procrastination cycle and establish a reliable, effective writing system. Our community is your stepping stone to consistent publishing – the most vital currency in academia.

Why join us?

Despite the critical importance of publishing, it's easy to let other responsibilities take precedence—class prep, teaching, grading, committee duties, and more. It's time to refocus on what truly advances your career: your publications.

Basic Plan

Join the Program and Become a Confident Writer

Daily Writing Sessions

Participate in two structured writing sessions each day, five days a week. Commit to joining one or more writing sessions per week, every week.

Planning and Mindset Workshops

We start each month with a group workshop and coaching. Together, we assess your past month and plan your writing projects for the next month. 


Quarterly Writing Workshops

Our quarterly writing workshops offer deep dives into specific aspects of academic writing, enhancing your skills and elevating the quality of your work with focused, expert-led sessions.


Bi-Annual Writing Sprints

Dive into our two-week writing sprint, starting with a kick-off event to set goals and a planning session to structure your efforts. Each day for two weeks, join us for 1-2 hours of dedicated writing time, maintaining motivation and momentum. This intensive sprint not only boosts your productivity but also keeps you consistently engaged and progressing towards your writing goals.


Access to video course and materials

Access our concise video course to learn how to make the most of the program and how to establish a consistent writing routine. This includes a workbook for monthly goal-setting and all recorded workshops. 


Exclusive Community on Teachable

Gain exclusive access to our Teachable community, a vibrant hub where members can connect, share experiences, and find your writing buddies.

Pro Plan

 Become a Confident Writer and Improve your Writing

The Pro Plan gives access to everything in the Basic Plan, but comes with the following added benefits: 


Quarterly Peer Review Sessions

In the quarterly peer review sessions, participants present a portion of their work in small groups of three—allowing everyone to share and receive immediate, insightful feedback. Groups are chosen according to career level and discipline (with a few mixes).


Quarterly Expert Feedback

Our quarterly expert feedback sessions offer participants the opportunity to submit up to 1500 words and choose between comprehensive developmental feedback provided through video or voice recording, or a detailed line edit. This tailored approach ensures you receive the specific guidance needed to refine and enhance your writing.


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The Benefits

A Writing Program That Gets You Published


Consistent Writing Routine

Struggling to find time for writing amidst a hectic academic schedule? Our program helps you establish and maintain a healthy, regular writing practice. No more erratic productivity—just consistent progress that fits your busy life.


Publication Success

Facing pressure to publish but don't know where to start? Our program ensures continuous output, significantly boosting your academic profile. Achieve regular publication output that improves your success in grant applications and competitive job markets, paving the way for a career on your own terms.


Community Support

Feel isolated in your academic writing journey? Join our community to rediscover the joy of writing. Engage with peers in a supportive, online environment, share challenges, and find motivation through co-writing sessions that make the process enjoyable and collaborative.


Valuable Feedback

Unsure if your arguments hit the mark? Receive constructive feedback from experienced peers and mentors in our community. This direct input helps clarify your ideas, refine your arguments, and strengthens your overall writing, enhancing the quality and impact of your work.

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