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Welcome to EMERGE Co-Writing Community!

Learn how to sustainably and successfully write and publish as an early career academic, without the stress and overwhelm. 

Can you relate?

Publishing in academia feels....



Planning writing projects and estimating the required time feels nearly impossible, leaving you feeling lost.



Navigating where, when, and how much to publish to benefit your career is confusing and daunting.


Balancing teaching, research, and administrative tasks leaves little time for focused writing and publishing.



Lack of support and constructive feedback leaves you feeling unconfident, making harsh peer reviews even more disheartening.



Without a proper writing system, you constantly rush deadlines or miss them, affecting your reliability and career.



Lack of mentorship and peer support leaves you feeling isolated and unsure about your writing and publishing strategies.

What if you had....


Whether writing comes naturally to you or not, a smart writing system carves out your time and keeps you on track.


Stop the procrastination and self-doubts. We coach you on how to plan your writing projects so that you can meet the deadlines!


In our community, you are never going to feel isolated anymore. You're now part of a community that helps and supports eachother

In our community, you will get acess to:


Online Writing Sessions

You have to make the committment of writing for 1-2 hours per week. We are going to co-write over Zoom during those hours, making sure we keep eachother on track. 


Planning and Mindset Sessions

Kickstart each month with a group workshop to review past progress and set new goals for the upcoming month. 


Writing Workshops

 We cover project management for academics, how to improve your clarity and style, and most importantly: how to get published! 


Writing Sprints

Twice a year we're speeding up your writing progress by meeting daily for 1-2 hours for two weeks to make speedy progress on a specific writing project.    


Exclusive Online Community

You will be part ofve a community of peers who face the same problems and work together to motivate and help eachother. 

Meet your Coach

My name is Dr. Melanie Sindelar, and together, we are going to transform your writing routine. 

I'm a writing and career coach for early career academics, with degrees from Oxford and Vienna. I've secured jobs, grants, and visiting professorships across Europe, including the Max Planck Institute and Central European University. I know how easily writing gets sidelined amid academic responsibilities. My mission is to help you consistently write and publish, offering a supportive community and continuous support. 


Change your writing this summer of 2024!

The program is going to start on August 1st, 2024, so you can take fully charge of your writing in the summer months. 

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Wnat to learn more before signing up?

Want to know more about what's covered in the program? 

EMERGE Co-Writing Community comes with two memberships: BASIC and PRO. 

Basic Plan

Join the Program and Become a Confident Writer

Daily Writing Sessions

Participate in two structured writing sessions each day, five days a week. Commit to joining one or more writing sessions per week, every week.

Planning and Mindset Workshops

We start each month with a group workshop and coaching. Together, we assess your past month and plan your writing projects for the next month. 


Quarterly Writing Workshops

Our quarterly writing workshops offer deep dives into specific aspects of academic writing, enhancing your skills and elevating the quality of your work with focused, expert-led sessions.


Bi-Annual Writing Sprints

Dive into our two-week writing sprint, starting with a kick-off event to set goals and a planning session to structure your efforts. Each day for two weeks, join us for 1-2 hours of dedicated writing time, maintaining motivation and momentum. This intensive sprint not only boosts your productivity but also keeps you consistently engaged and progressing towards your writing goals.


Access to video course and materials

Access our concise video course to learn how to make the most of the program and how to establish a consistent writing routine. This includes a workbook for monthly goal-setting and all recorded workshops. 


Exclusive Community on Teachable

Gain exclusive access to our Teachable community, a vibrant hub where members can connect, share experiences, and find your writing buddies.


Join for only € 49 / month.

Pro Plan

 Become a Confident Writer and Improve your Writing

The Pro Plan gives access to everything in the Basic Plan, but comes with the following added benefits: 


Quarterly Peer Review Sessions

In the quarterly peer review sessions, participants present a portion of their work in small groups of three—allowing everyone to share and receive immediate, insightful feedback. Groups are chosen according to career level and discipline (with a few mixes).


Quarterly Expert Feedback

Our quarterly expert feedback sessions offer participants the opportunity to submit up to 2000 words and choose between comprehensive developmental feedback provided through video or voice recording, or a detailed line edit. This tailored approach ensures you receive the specific guidance needed to refine and enhance your writing.


Ask the Coach

On a monthly basis, you will have the opportunity to ask me anything writing or career-related. I’ll provide personalized answers through video responses, offering targeted advice to help you succeed. This tailored support ensures you get the most out of your writing journey.

Join for only € 89 / month.

  • Who is this program for?
    This program is ideal for early career academics, postdocs, and PhD students who struggle with maintaining a regular writing schedule amidst their other academic responsibilities.
  • What is the EMERGE Co-Writing Community?
    The EMERGE Co-Writing Community is a program designed to help early career academics establish a consistent and sustainable writing routine. It provides structured writing sessions, feedback, and support to help you publish your work regularly.
  • How do I join the EMERGE Co-Writing Community?
    The sales period for this cohort of EMERGE Co-Writing Community has already started. The early bird prices are only available until July 15th, 2024. There are 12 month and 3 month memberships, which you can access by clicking the buttons. Sign up here for the Basic Membership at € 39 / month Sign up here for the Pro Membership at € 69 / month
  • What is the early-bird price?
    The early-bird price is a special offer for those who join the EMERGE Co-Writing Community on either a BASIC or PRO Plan. All those signing up for a 12-month membership will get a free 3-day retreat at the beginning of January 2025 on top!
  • How does the EMERGE Co-Writing Community work?
    Members participate in regular writing sessions, workshops, and feedback groups. The community aspect provides accountability and motivation, helping you stay on track with your writing goals.
  • What additional benefits does the Pro Plan offer?
    The Pro Plan includes quarterly peer review sessions, where you receive feedback from fellow participants, and quarterly expert feedback sessions, where you get detailed feedback from a writing coach on a selected piece of your work. In addition, you'll be able to participate in the monthly Ask-the-Coach feature, where you'll send your questions and get them answered in a video format.
  • What are the Bi-Annual Writing Sprints?
    The writing sprints are intensive two-week sessions where you set specific writing goals and work towards them in a focused and motivated environment. They help boost your productivity and keep you engaged with your writing projects.
  • What can I expect from the daily writing sessions?
    Our daily writing sessions are structured and facilitated to maximize productivity. Each session lasts 1 hour and is designed to help you develop a regular writing habit.
  • What happens during the Quarterly Writing Workshops?
    These workshops delve into specific aspects of academic writing, such as improving style and flow, finding the right publication venues, and enhancing your overall writing quality.
  • What topics are covered in the Planning and Mindset Workshops?
    These workshops are held at the beginning of each month to help you assess the past month and define goals for the new month. We also do mindset work to ensure you start the month with the right attitude and focus.
  • How can I get personal feedback on my writing?
    In the Pro Plan, you have the opportunity to submit up to 2000 words for comprehensive developmental feedback or detailed line edits, ensuring your work is polished and ready for publication. If you need more editing done, group members will be able to access special rates for the proofreading and editing of their written work.

Publications are your stepping stones to a successful career in academia.

Publications are the most important stepping stones to jobs, grants, and exciting research opportunities. However, many academics struggle with consistently producing papers and getting them published in high-quality outlets. And so many postdocs revise their old thesis endlessly and are afraid to finally submit their book manuscript. 

EMERGE Co-Writing is tailored specifically for early career academics who want to establish a reliable, effective writing system that allows them to produce and publish their writing. Precisely because so many scholars strauggle with procrastination, overwhelm, and a perceived lack of time, I am launching this writing community to help scholars regain their joy and success with their writing projects. 

Why join?

Despite the critical importance of publishing, it's easy to let other responsibilities take precedence—class prep, teaching, grading, committee duties, and more. It's time to refocus on what truly advances your career: your publications. Ready to make a change? Join us!

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